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Web Hosting

"In Works" Hosting

Centralum hosts customers' web sites and applications at no additional charge during its development cycle. Prior to launch we transfer the web application to the hosting provider of the customer's choice where it receives a final round of quality assurance testing before web site launch.

Hosted Service Plans

Centralum's hosted application packages (Enerta Web Publishing System) are supported through our partnerships with experienced hosting companies. They are among the most reliable hosting providers world-wide and guarantee highest up-time, security and integrity of our systems. We depend on them -- so we had to pick the best.

Our Own Hosting!

Yeah, Centralum offers its own hosting now! Ok, it's not exactly our own in-house infrastructure as our partners (see above) still run the show, but it may be a great deal for you or some of your clients/partners.

It's similar to the idea of carpooling, only the car here is a web server. Somebody has a powerful dedicated machine and consumes only 25% or even 10% of available resources. The rest could be sitting unutilized or a couple more web sites could "come on board" to everybody's benefit.

Most properly built and maintained web sites are under 10 MB in size and their traffic doesn't consume much bandwidth. Our plans give you a lot more and still save you a significant amount of money.