Centralum, LLC - Web Development, Usability Consulting, Content Management


From Requirements to Launch, Maintenance, and On-going Support

Centralum was founded to provide our customers with the very best in technology, training, and design. We constantly strive to deliver high value with reduced risk by using well-proven, yet simple solutions whenever possible, supplemented with excellent programming and design.

We offer a full range of services supporting your web initiatives as well as creating positive environment for your business and clients.

We can start by working on a detailed specification for our designers and developers to build customer applications using the most appropriate web technologies and follow traditional software development models, but our industry experience proves that this approach doesn't work in many cases and functional prototypes may be needed early on.

We are small and flexible and will work around your vision and goals. Most of the applications we build are dynamic though we build static web sites with just a few pages if that is all you need.

No matter what you are looking for -- a brand new site, a better hosting plan, or an analysis of your site from your customers' perspective, -- we can help. Let's get started!